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Payment Information

Most Full day sessions are $150 per day 
  • Lunch and snacks are included with each full day registration 
Half day sessions are $75 per day
  • Lunch is included with morning sessions
  • Snacks are included with afternoon sessions
We accept Purchase Orders and Checks at:
Lovejoy ISD
Learning @ Lovejoy
259 Country Club
Allen, Texas  75002
Fax:  (469) 742-8001
We accept online credit card payments at:
Please note there is a service fee of 4% to complete online payment. 
Contact Sandi Petty @ 469.742.2184 or for assistance with Registration and Purchase Orders.


$150* for a full day of learning opportunities 


$75 for each 3 hour session


Pay for 5 full day registrations and get 1 free!


*Jeff Anderson's session, Patterns of Power, is $189 and includes a copy of the book*

Power up with us!  Learning @ Lovejoy is a bring-your-own-device conference.