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Physical Education in Fine Arts

Lovejoy High School Courses
The following programs and courses will meet the graduation requirements for completing a physical education course at Lovejoy High School.  High school graduation plans will require one year of physical education.  Students with interests in the fine arts, or trying something new should consider these courses for their graduation credit.
Cheerleading is a program that requires tryout to make one of the three high school squads.  High school cheer tryouts are hosted the week preceding Spring Break every year.  The Lovejoy High School cheer program is very competitive having earned state rankings at UIL Spirit in 2022, 2021, and 2020.  The cheerleaders are an integral aspect of building community spirit and supporting our the Leopard athletes.  Their schedule follows many of our athletic events both home and away, and a variety of community appearances.
While cheer does not fulfill a fine arts graduation credit, it does meet the requirements as a physical education/athletic team sport.  Students can earn one full year of credit upon the completion of one year of cheerleading.  For more information regarding the Lovejoy High School Cheer program, contact Shelly Wiggins.
Color Guard
The Lovejoy Color Guard program is a state recognized unit represented by a junior varsity and varsity guard unit.  The Guard provide an artistic effect to the Lovejoy Band's UIL Marching program each fall.  As football season concludes, the Guard unit move to Winter Guard season where they will compete their 8 minute production throughout the season.  The Lovejoy Guard requires an audition or a meeting with the guard director for placement.  It is a year round competitive program.
As a graduation credit, Guard members may earn one year of fine arts credit, and one year of physical education.  It requires two years of membership to receive the credits.  For more information about the Lovejoy Guard units, contact Michael Cabrera.
Majestics Dance Team
The Majestics Dance team is a competitive highly technical precision dance team that is by audition only.  The dance team Majestics occur in December of each calendar year.  Students in grades 10, 11, and 12 are eligible to earn placement to the team. The Majestics dance team performs annually during half-time in regular season football, competes in local and state drill team competitions, and produces a dynamic spring dance program showcased at Lovejoy High School.  The Majestics are a year round program with a demanding schedule of time, dedication and commitment.
As a graduation credit, students may earn one year of fine arts credit, and one year of physical education as a member of the dance team.  It requires two years of membership to receive the credits.  For more information about the Majestics Dance Team, contact Jacklyn Simone.
Studio Dance and Pre-Dance Team
Students may enroll in a studio dance class or pre dance team to further their dance education.  The studio dance classes are open to all students interested in dance.  There are varying levels of experience in each course level.  The students study ballet, modern, jazz and other forms of dance.  In addition, the students review history, vocabulary, and other components to have a broad understanding in their study of dance.
Pre Dance students are in generally students interested in auditioning for the Majestics Dance Team.  The students enrolled in this course spend one semester improving and advancing their technical skillset to prepare for the Majestics Dance Team audition.  From flexibility and endurance, high kicks and dance technique, to ballet and jazz dance technique, the intent of this course is to prepare students to audition for the dance team and learn about the Majestics Program.
As a graduation credit, students may earn one year of fine arts credit, and one year of physical education as a member of the dance team.  It requires two years of membership to receive the credits.  For more information about the Studio Dance or Pre Dance courses, contact Jacklyn Simone.
Marching Band
Students enrolled in the Lovejoy Band and participate in the fall semester of marching may earn a total of one year of PE credit for Marching band.  This physical education graduation requirement is earned over two years where the fall semester counts towards their full credit at the conclusion of the time.  Students will also earn a fine arts credit where the Spring semester over the total of two years will earn their fine arts credit for one year of fine arts. For more information regarding marching in our Lovejoy Band, contact Paul Heuer.
Willow Springs Middle School Courses
WSMS cheer is a foundational program teaching skills for cheerleading, building confidence, and supporting the athletes at WSMS.  Any student interested in cheerleading can try out to earn placement on a skills-based squad.  Each squad is is established to ensure safety for our middle school cheerleaders in stunting, tumbling, and other technical aspects of cheer.  All students are encouraged to participate in cheer.  WSMS Cheer tryouts are held in March of each year.  For more information regarding the WSMS cheer program, contact Megan Bychkowski.
Color Guard
WSMS Guard is a foundational program teaching the skills required to participate in guard.  Students will learn to spin silks, rifles, and sabres as they advance through the program in addition to ballet and jazz dance technique.  The WSMS Guard unit competes multiple times during the Spring semester.  The 2022 WSMS Guard unit earned highest ranking and a 1st place, Best in Cadet Class for the NTCA contest season. For more information, contact Jorge Morales
WSMS Dance is a foundational dance program where the students learn ballet, jazz, modern, musical theatre, and other dance components.  There are not tryouts for the dance classes, and any students interested in dance may enroll. All students in the dance class participate in community events as the WSMS Dancers.  For more information, contact Jacklyn Simone or Courtney Claiborne.